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Daughters of Eve by Ty Gibson

Daughters of Eve

March 8, 2017 | Ty Gibson

Today is International Women’s Day.

As for me, I’m a “ladies man,” but not in the way you are familiar with the term.

My happiest childhood memories are of one summer with my grandmother, Eleanor, fishing, trapping critters, hiking up the rock piles around Phoenix (called “mountains”), and getting thrown by her into a fenced yard to fight my own personal bully “to the death” as she placed a $5 bet on me as the sure winner, with the bully’s mom, no less.

Stuff like that.

She was wonderful.

Her daughter, Laura Emily, was wonderful too. She raised four kids as a single mom, of which I was the oldest. This woman was a force of beauty and strength to be reckoned with. One time I watched with shock and delight as she jumped with her little body onto the back of a man nearly twice her size—my “new dad”—holding onto his neck with her left arm and punching him in the head with her right fist, screaming, “Don’t you …
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Ty Gibson

Light Bearers

The Lost Art of Evangelism by Anneliese Wahlman

The Lost Art of Evangelism

February 23, 2017 | Anneliese Wahlman

What I Take from the Compost Bucket

I’m one of those people who can eat whatever is on my plate even if it looks like it was scraped from the bottom of the compost bucket, and I’ll still enjoy it—as long as it tastes good. I figure it’s only going to look worse in my stomach. Though odd, this trait is a perfect example of one of the greatest truisms of life: it’s what’s on the inside that counts. This is a basic principle we all intuitively know to be true. What’s a box of chocolate without any chocolate inside? Who wants a Valentine’s card that has no mushy sweet-nothings written in it? What’s a Christmas package if it doesn’t contain an ugly sweater that makes you look like a weirdo? Computers matter because of what’s on the hard drive. Houses are important because of those who gather in them. You marry a person not just because of the way he or she looks, but because of the heart and …
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Anneliese Wahlman

Editorial Intern
Light Bearers

How I Can Love the Gospel and the Investigative Judgment at the Same Time by Marcos Torres

How I Can Love the Gospel and the Investigative Judgment at the Same Time

February 16, 2017 | Marcos Torres

I have two theological confessions to make. The first is that I am madly in love with the gospel. Seriously, I am. As an Adventist, a father and a pastor, the gospel is my everything. Jesus-only is my motto, my passion and my standard. After battling with legalism and perfectionism for many years, the good news of salvation is something that I don’t mess around with. Anything—and I mean anything—that even remotely reeks of human merit makes me recoil with disgust. This “what Jesus did + what I do” stuff gives me the shakes. For me, it’s either Jesus-only or it simply isn’t gospel.

The second confession I have is this: I love the doctrine of the Investigative Judgment (IJ). There. I said it.

The question now is, how? How can I be so passionate about the gospel and also love a doctrine that many consider anti-gospel? Allow me to respond with three simple points.

I love the doctrine of the Investigative Judgment.

My first point is this. The IJ most …
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Marcos Torres

Associate Pastor
Livingston Adventist Church

A Reality Check for Valentine's Day by Anneliese Wahlman

A Reality Check for Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2017 | Anneliese Wahlman

His eyes were blue, like an October sky. His hair was the color of sand off the beach, the kind you put in a bottle and take home for memories. I won’t mention his name, but it rhymes with schmichael. When he and I talked, I literally felt something I’d never felt with any other guy before in my life. Unfortunately, it wasn’t reciprocated. I found out he was in love with one of my close girlfriends. Schmichael and I stayed friends for a little while, but eventually we parted ways and I never told him how I felt.

If you’re alive and breathing, you know that love brings with it pain. Especially if you’re twelve and in a Pathfinder Club.

And as laughable as that first “love” can be, it doesn’t get much easier with age. You ask a girl out and she says no. The guy you like doesn’t even know you exist. Sometimes spouses are unfaithful. Marriages grow cold and hollow. Even in faithful relationships, life is …
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Anneliese Wahlman

Editorial Intern
Light Bearers

Rethinking Resolutions by Elise Harboldt

Rethinking Resolutions

December 30, 2016 | Elise Harboldt

Do you have a New Years resolution? I have a track record of failed resolutions. In 2013, I vowed to learn Spanish. In 2014, I promised to stop interrupting people. 2017 has arrived, and I’m embarrassed to say that no hablo español, and I do still interrupt in English.

But some things need to be interrupted, like the way we do resolutions. Perhaps you’re the exception. If your personal growth has risen to new heights with each passing January, stop reading this and go become a motivational speaker or something. But if, like me, you’ve fought a losing battle to become the best version of yourself, keep reading. You’ll discover one thing that can change everything.

Where Did Resolutions Come From?

New Years resolutions are actually quite old. In ancient Babylon, the people made promises to their gods at the beginning of each year, resolving to pay debts and return borrowed items. The Romans made annual promises to Janus (the god of January).

What about the God of Christianity? Does …
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Elise Harboldt

Beautiful Minds Medical

Reclaiming Mindfulness by Elise Harboldt

Reclaiming Mindfulness

December 29, 2016 | Elise Harboldt

Hey, you. Yeah, the person staring at the screen.

I’d like to invite you to think about your feet.

They’ve done a lot for you, so take a few minutes to acknowledge your ten-toed reality.  How far have your feet travelled today? Have you ever gone anywhere without them? Do you like them, or do you think they’re gross?

Next, notice what your feet are feeling. Are they cold? Any pain or discomfort? Bare to the air or surrounded by socks? Do your socks match?

All right. Our experiment is done and it’s time to talk about why we just did that. Of all the things in the universe, why should we expend our precious mental energy on feet, unless, of course, we’re clipping our toenails or buying new running shoes. Do we really want our feet to be in our heads? I don’t, but what I shared is a silly example of a habit that I do want to practice, and that’s mindfulness.

Have you heard the buzz about …
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Elise Harboldt

Beautiful Minds Medical

God in the Hood by Anneliese Wahlman

God in the Hood

December 21, 2016 | Anneliese Wahlman

Have you ever had one of those Christmases where your entire pajama-clad family is gathered together, the tree is wrapped in lights that shine à la star of Bethlehem, and mugs are filled with hot chocolate and freckled with marshmallows? You know the kind of thing I’m talking about, where the snow is falling silently and you light candles with names like “Burning Christmas Tree Deluxe” to give the illusion that you live in a cabin in the woods instead of a cookie-cutter condo in suburbia? All the brown paper packages are tied up with string and lovingly laid under the tree, and your whole clan is singing carols together around the piano while you unitedly promote a wholesome sense of Pinterest-inspired Christmas joy?

Yeah, me neither.

I’m part of a generation that likes to create false realities on social media; we like to make our lives appear just as glamorous and magical as what we see on TV. And during the holidays, this lust for a movie-scripted life and …
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Anneliese Wahlman

Editorial Intern
Light Bearers