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September 1, 2015 | Fred Bischoff

During that secret interview at Jesus’ place of retirement on the Mount of Olives, when the city was hushed in slumber, it wasn’t the flickering lamp or torchlight, or the pale light of the moon, that shown into the heart of Nicodemus, that “master of Israel.” It was the burning words of an obscure Galilean whom this leader had sought out. Nicodemus was drawn by Jesus’ teaching, authority and wonderful manifestation of divine power, not only in cleansing the temple, but also in receiving the poor and healing the sick. It matched what he had found as he had anxiously studied the prophecies relating to the Messiah.

Can you sense the excitement he must have felt in that Bible study, driven by events swirling around him? This was the One who was to come!

But something was not right. As Nicodemus opened the dialog, his attempt to express and invite confidence fell flat. The words that came out expressed unbelief instead.

Jesus, in His gentle and penetrating manner, brushed past …
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Fred Bischoff

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The Nicodemus Society

The Nicodemus Society

April 23, 2015 | David Kim

I was heart-converted in November 2008 after 36 years growing up “in the church.” With this heart-conversion came a deep longing to share Christ, yet I felt powerless and tongue-tied when it came to speaking up among my peers in the corporate world. While I believed the teaching I heard, the words I read, and the videos I watched, my efforts to share these truths were clumsy and fell flat.

I prayed earnestly that God would show me how to reach the wealthy, worldly, and well-educated (“W3’s”) in my sphere of influence, and over time He has been faithful. He has taught me how to take the precious truths of the gospel and present them in the “language” of W3’s and unfold to them the coherence, reliability, and beauty of the biblical picture of God.

I felt powerless and tongue-tied when it came to speaking up among my peers in the corporate world.

Who are the W3’s? What are their identifying characteristics? What defines them as a people group? While it …
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David Kim

The Nicodemus Society