Reclaiming Mindfulness by Elise Harboldt

Reclaiming Mindfulness

December 29, 2016 | Elise Harboldt

Hey, you. Yeah, the person staring at the screen.

I’d like to invite you to think about your feet.

They’ve done a lot for you, so take a few minutes to acknowledge your ten-toed reality.  How far have your feet travelled today? Have you ever gone anywhere without them? Do you like them, or do you think they’re gross?

Next, notice what your feet are feeling. Are they cold? Any pain or discomfort? Bare to the air or surrounded by socks? Do your socks match?

All right. Our experiment is done and it’s time to talk about why we just did that. Of all the things in the universe, why should we expend our precious mental energy on feet, unless, of course, we’re clipping our toenails or buying new running shoes. Do we really want our feet to be in our heads? I don’t, but what I shared is a silly example of a habit that I do want to practice, and that’s mindfulness.

Have you heard the buzz about …
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