A Response to the 2520 Movement

A Response to the 2520 Movement

by James Rafferty  |  July 29, 2014

If you have heard of the 2520 or the movement behind it, then this short 15 point study is for you. It is based on personal interaction with the leaders of the 2520 movement, as well as months of study into what they are teaching as compared with the Bible and the writings of Ellen White. Some of the material in this study dates back to James White and Uriah Smith. A must read for all those who want to understand this issue. You can download it here.

James Rafferty Co-Director
Light Bearers
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  • JBT

    Thank you for an in-depth clarification of this issue. I have found in dealing with these people they have had a tendency to be sincere but legalistic.
    Most disconcerting has been the attitude or spirit in which you state at the end of your article, (para phrase) a general lack of respect for God’s leadership in His church.

  • Thank you JBT.

    One concern about your comment: Could you please clarify why you think addressing the importance of church leadership is a wrong “attitude and spirit.”
    Sincerely, James

    Is this the statement you are referring to?

    “The conclusions arrived at by the 2520 leave various contradictions in the writings of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, yet far more significant is the spirit they engender to God’s organized church and its leaders.
    “The leaders of the 2520 movement do not recognize the authority of the leadership of God’s church militant having neither accountability nor cooperation with its ordained leadership. For some this will be a plus, but for those who have written this study it is a clear indication that they are not following the light God has given us through the SOP.
    Ellen White recognized the leadership of the church militant even at times when they were undermining her work and her writings urge us to do the same (for further study on this point consider, Trials and Triumph of the Remnant Church, Abandon Ship, The Ministry of Reconciliation, and Full Circle).”

  • Wyatt Allen commented: Thank you for adding your voice in an intelligent opposition to the 2520 movement. I innocently attended Jeff Pippenger’s independent church when visiting friends in Arkansas. That was the first time I was ever exposed to the 2520 teaching. I heard them out and studied with them for a few days. They quote the Spirit of Prophecy like Randy Skeete quotes the Bible. Much of what they said seemed real convincing. But many red flags came up. Every message they had, 2520, the identity of the little horn, Islam’s role in prophecy, 9/11… Each became a testing truth. The main sermon of that day talked about the rainbow and how each color has prophetic significance. Despite some glaring problems I struggled and studied for weeks after about the truth of the 2520. Bro. Pippenger gave me almost 100 of his sermons to listen to.

    I came to the same conclusion as you. I think this fanaticism is much like the sacred name and the feast day fanaticisms. The preciousness of believing that they have new light and something special prevents them from coming out and rejecting their error. I’m not saying they’re not redeemable, just saying that fanatism is dangerous.

  • Simone Hudson commented: And to believe that I actually was part of the ministry who teach the 2520 etc…I used to teach this with passion. I thank God the day my eyes were opened! I will read this….

  • Marc Scalzi commented: Thanks brother James for a clear response to the teaching of error. Truth stands out clearly to those who have an open mind and the pillars of our faith are only made stronger. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  • Derek

    I think JBT was saying their attitude, which you referred to, was disconcerting.

  • Thank you Derek—that makes sense and I will assume it is the case.

  • JBT

    Yes Derek, I did not articulate as well as I would have liked.
    I can only speak of my experience with the ones that were in our church. I might add, 3rd and 4th generation Adventists. They would stand and interrupt the Pastor or SS leader while they are giving their sermon or presentation and proceed to argue. They had an arrogance that seemed to indicate they were not required to explain or justify their actions as you stated “The leaders of the 2520 movement do not recognize the authority of the leadership of God’s church militant having neither accountability nor cooperation with its ordained leadership…….”
    They send out LONG emails with endless EGW quotes which seemed to draw circular conclusions. I finally blocked them.
    While they no longer attend, it did cause friction and confusion for new members.
    In the last year they have moved to Arkansas to Pippenger’s playground, but recently had someone request to study the Bible with me. Yes, it turned out to be the 2520 group.
    Hope this clarified,

  • mapliopl

    I’m personally connected to a person who works closely with the proponents of this teaching on occasion. I’ve tried to listen to their teachings and read their articles, but there’s an overwhelming amount of inferences and assumptions in each theme and presentation. As far as theology, the first truly concerning fact for me is their neglect for the original context, language and hermeneutics (which they claim is all completely wrong, only the method of Miller is correct). For one of their specific teachings it’s the 3+1 pattern of reform movements, where it’s always stretched to find parallels in every point of history. The second is the extreme literalism used when quoting EGW, like the statement that all of the prophecies of old are more for our time than for their own time. They take that statement to an extreme and others as well, like the one that everyone should study the bible using Miller’s methods.
    Like Wyatt mentioned before, they quote EGW in droves, and it appears that one cannot escape their reasoning because of all the quotes, but I feel so overwhelmed that I can’t focus on anything and I am sure they are misquoting her or placing her writings out of context in many occasions.
    Their method of presenting is also an issue for me. Just to expound a single theme for example they have over 15 presentations of 1 1/2 each, by the time the 3rd rolls around, I’m already more confused than before and it seems they start the first one with a load of assumptions/inferences that many, if not everyone, fail to make the connections they want people to make.
    In the end, in a nutshell, they preach that the time of the latter rain is upon us and that the Sunday Law will come at any point in time and we should be ready. There are 30 minute sermons that make this warning more clearly than their almost infinite amount of content.

  • Thanks JBT!

  • concerned_loved_one

    Is there a full testimony of how this person came out?? I have family in the movement and it seems that nobody’s will see the light. How did God show him out?

  • Peter Sanchez

    James, one of the reasons that it is hard to disclose their error, is that these folks teach eighty to ninety percent truth. If it was 70% or less they would be exposed, more easily. They take the pioneers writings over What sister Whites writings. We are told that every Wind of Doctrine is blowing. We need to take The Scriptures, and Spirit of Prophecy as the Holy Spirit reveals it to us. From a former Catholic

  • Orion

    Hello everyone,
    I’ve been hearing about 2520 for quite sometime. As intriguing as I find this theory to be, I’ve been remiss to study Mr. Pippengers theories because they require a lot of studying time which at this time I am using to study other subjects. For those of you who have already studied Mr. Pippengers teachings, my question is this: does the 2520 theory purports that Jesus will return around that time, or, in other words; does the 2520 theory teach that we have to wait another 505 years before the Lord returns?
    Thanks for your help!!

  • James Rafferty

    Not that I know of, but I have not looked into any recent developments of this theory just what was being taught about 2 years ago. James

  • Ashook Abdool

    I encourage everyone to read “William Miller’s 2520 Prophecy” which exposes the errors of the 2520 movement. This book is available on Amazon.