In My World…

by David Asscherick  |  October 4, 2012

In my world, there would be no sexual slave trade, because there would be no customers.

In my world, there would be no promising politicians, because people would be too informed and intelligent to believe them.

In my world, there would be no illegal drug use or trafficking, because people would be high on life.

In my world, there would be no racism, because people would appreciate and celebrate diversity, rather than fearing it.

In my world, there would be no factory farms, because people would be informed and conscientious consumers, and, wherever possible, would be vegetarian.

In my world, people wouldn’t blow themselves up in the hopes of blowing other people up in the name of religion, because “the earth [would] be full of the knowledge of the LORD” (Isaiah 11:9). That is, they would know who He truly was, and would know that such a thing could never, ever be pleasing to Him.

In my world, there wouldn’t be any guns, missiles, or bombs, because there would be no use for them.

In my world, death would be out of business.

In my world, women wouldn’t be second class citizens.

In my world, people and the planet would matter more than profits.

In my world, sports wouldn’t be ruined by drugs and money.

In my world, fathers would be fathers, and not just sperm donors.

In my world, people would rather serve than be served.

In my world, love and joy would be more than romantic ideals, they would be constant and practical realities.

In my world, death would be out of business.

In my world, Jesus Christ would be King.

What would your world look like?

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  • Jennifer Schwirzer

    Thanks David. Inspiring. My world would go even further. Not only would social justice prevail, but disease would be eradicated, because no matter how good things are in the world, if your body hurts, you hurt.

  • Jennifer Schwirzer

    Maybe that should be “My world would go even farther.” So I should add that memory and cognition would be perfect . . .

  • Amen!

  • John Samuel

    Fantastic! n Excellent! I just love it!

  • Bernard Allen

    In my world, capitalism, communism, fascism, socialism and any other “ism” would not exist.

  • Paul

    As the coming of our dear Lord draws ever nearer, the end of the rein of the god of this earth, lucifer, draws ever closer….we should pray that we may see the day within our lifetime of the return of the Son of man.

    “Therefore be ye also ready; for in an hour that ye think not the Son of man cometh!”

    Matthew 24:44

  • David Asscherick

    Thanks Jennifer, appreciate the kind words.

  • In my world… I’d let God transform me into the kind of person my dog thinks I am… And then let Him so transform me, that He and the world could see Jesus in me.

  • Ed

    In my world… would not be my world. There would be no sin or satan and the thoughts of my heart would not be evil. I would not have to protect my children from anything because everything would be safe. Everything would be that which was to the glory of God and based on His eternal character of Love. The world I long for is heaven.

  • It sounds like a wonderful place. I’ll vote for it. The greatest tragedy is that our world is the way it is, not because of the devil, but because of us. No matter how lofty our ideals, our slightest faults would eventually bloom, in us or our children or our children’s children, into all the evils we see down here.

  • In my 30-years of prison ministry: in their world:
    Love: is fiction; and considered weak, vulnerable, and something to manipulated.
    Mercy: is also weak; because they prefer “VENGEANCE.”
    Truth: is whatever gets one out of trouble or what one wants.
    Trust: NOBODY: is is extremely vulnerable.
    Respect: NOBODY or ANYTHING, but manipulate it whenever one has the chance to manipulate it to their advantage.

    These thoughts leave relationships dysfunctional and non-commital.

    But in my world:
    Love: is the source of intimacy, security, and peace.
    Mercy: is the basis on which forgiveness and reconciliation is initiated and sustained.
    Truth: is the foundation upon which relationships are built.
    Trust: is the essence of liberty and integrity.
    Respect: is a right; along with freedom of choice. It is NOT something that is “earned.”

    With these five words God has restored sanity, humility, peace and joy to my previous world that was chaotic.

    Keith A. Johnson

  • Erin Callahan

    I am just excited that in my world, today, finally, I have the desire to be on a Christian/Adventist website and after reading everyone’s blogs it puts a smile on my face that I don’t think I have had in years. Thank you Lord you are truly amazing!!!

  • In my word, there would be any sea, no barrier or fence, no passport, no dictionary or translator, no international call.
    It would be just a town on the hilltop, a village for all nations. I really don’t know how, but all would fit there and would live in peace.