Light Bearers + ARISE:
A Conversation About the Merger

by Light Bearers  |  February 5, 2012

Listen to Ty Gibson, James Rafferty and David Asscherick discuss the details and events leading up to the merger between Light Bearers and ARISE.

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  • Colten

    interesting…very cool…God Bless!!!

  • Rachel Zauber

    Two great ministries that have been a blessing to me and I’m sure millions of others! May God continue to bless immensely!

  • Susan

    It’s a Divine move. God is Awesome! May He be with you all in a marked way as the transitions take place.
    To His honor and Glory!

  • l.bharath

    this is a great advancement in the fininshing work of spreaing the good news. maybe online training would be offered.

  • Blair Lemke

    I love the resources on this site and am excited about what God will do in the future through this ministry. Can’t wait for the upcoming Bible Boot Camp in Cooranbong to become more learned and equipped. God bless you guys! : )

  • Gloria Wilson

    How exciting it is to see God exploding your lives with relevance, where the sky is the limit. God is moving mightily in many areas His wonders to perform. By the power of the Spirit, you can go forward and do the impossible.

    You don’t know it, but I have your photos in my prayer journal and pray for you and your family every day. With such high aspirations, I can see that you will need extra prayer cover. Will do my best to lift you up twice a day for awhile.

    God bless you all.

    A prayer warrior,

    Gloria Wilson (Grants Pass SDA church member)

  • Dean Gregory-Stewart

    My family enjoyed tremendously your message at 3ABN camp meeting. Keep up the great work of end time prophecy.

  • Julie Baum

    Awesome guys….Together we achieve more for sure. Loved bible boot camp in the bong (cooranbong) Please consider doing something for us in Australia we need good training places here USA has soo much and we are so needy.
    Online training would be good, maybe you could upload training sessions??? Ps loved your talk on 3abn James about revelation and the everlasting gospel, beautiful. We know Jesus is preparing His people as the sabbath is being preached (understood) more fully and recieving a fuller understanding of the three angels messages in the context of the gospel that will prepare the earth to be lightened with His glory, the mystery is soon to be revealed, Christ in us. Oh and combined with a true understanding of righteousness by faith. Powerful stuff, Amen.

  • Sonny

    God bless you all. See you all in Gods kingdom, can’t wait until Jesus comes. Satan hates guys like you but the Angels in heaven love you’s and rejoice every time someone hands their life over to Jesus. God is Great and loves everyone as I love my father in heaven ….