Why is there suffering if God is love? Can the Bible be trusted? What happens to me when I die? Does God know and love me? The See With New Eyes tract series addresses these and other questions that haunt many who are searching for something more, something better than this life offers. Feeling empty and alone doesn’t have to be your reality. God is calling you to something better.

This series is perfect for sharing and includes the following titles.

01—Why Do We Suffer If God Is Love?
02—Light In The Shadows
03—Sabbath Rest
04—The Mystery Of Death Solved
05—What If It’s True?
06—Warm Reality
07—The Light In Your Heart
08—World History In Advance


8.5×14 quarter fold, 2 sided, color. Excellent for envelope stuffers (fits in standard envelope) or passing out.

Quantity discounts available (call to order).