The Catholic Charismatic Alliance

The Catholic Charismatic Alliance

by Light Bearers  |  March 22, 2014

Dr. Willard Regester talks with James Rafferty about the recent Kenneth Copeland Ministry conference where it was announced that Martin Luther’s protest was over. Bishop Tony Palmer delivered a video message from the Pope and encouraged Christians to disregard Bible truth in favor of unity between Catholics and Protestants.

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  • Greg Bartlett

    The season is coming ! It’s time to get off the bench and get in the game !! Will Jesus tell us well done good and faithful or can we just through money in the pot and that’s good enough ? Jesus wants your Time ,hands and voice to Love the lost

  • Shelby

    Wow! A little scary how ideas can be presented in different ways. I thought that there was some hesitation in Copeland’s audience at first. But then everyone got caught up in the presentation and accepted what the Bishop was saying and Pope was drawing them in to. Thank you for getting us grounded in the Word to look for the Truth and what Christian unity means in ch 17. I agree, we need to trim our lamps and study hard. Follow the Lamb!

  • Claudine

    Ii saw the video on TV. All I can say is Children of GOD wake up JESUS is Comeing. We need to pray as never before. God be with You

  • Ardis Smith

    Get the word out, other churchs nead to know the truth. This is just what we have been told in Scipture will tell us we are in the end times.

  • Gerald Peel

    It is kind of ridiculous to believe that a protest is over when there has been no remedy for the cause of the protest. Apparently Protestantism is just supposed to raise the white flag! Well, no can do!!

  • I like the calm assurance that we have been preaching this all along and this is simply a fulfillment of these things.
    Yes, trim our lamps and be ready.

  • Patty

    We know the “mastermind” behind this invitation of unity by the pope. I believe this marks the preparation for the real event that is coming in 2017. They are doing the PR and setting up the tables for it. Here is a link to what reallt comes next. It is an article from June 17, 2013. “Brother” Palmer is just the ambassador giving out the invitations. Here is the link:

    Just copy and paste it on your browsers.

    I also noted, on the video of Palmer/ Copeland that at the end, “brother” Copeland said something like: “… by hell, Tony, …”; I gues just a slip of the tongue. That was after they saw the video of pope Francis.

    In my opinion it was very subtle and a fantastic way of manipulating the Scriptures so the audience will ease-up into buying the idea.

    I thank the Lord we can go to Him for His protection.

    I love you guys.