Why You Matter So Much

by Ty Gibson  |  June 14, 2012

Today in a little Australian town called Byron Bay I noticed a sign that says, “I saw the universe change today.” Whoever wrote those words was paying attention.

According to “chaos theory,” the single movement of a butterfly’s wing may be the determining factor in the formation of a hurricane. According to the Bible, the movements of each individual life exert determinative effects on the quality of other lives, even to the point of impacting eternal destinies.

Each deed you execute triggers a series of outcomes for which you are the solitary source.

As God went forward with the work of creation, only three conceivable possibilities lay before Him. He could create (1) machines, (2) slaves, or (3) free moral agents. Only the third option would be consistent with the aspirations of love, which is the essence of who God is. So here we are, beings of huge and magnificent significance, beings who matter so much that our actions run adjacent to God’s actions as genuinely free, beings who possess the power to create effects for which we alone are the cause, and which ripple into eternity with never ending impact. “God created mankind in His own image” (Genesis 1:27), which means, among other things, that every human being is “endowed with a power akin to that of the Creator—individuality, power to think and to do” (Education, p. 17).

The human being is a mind-boggling wonder. Standing in blown-away awe of what it means to be human, King David sang to the Creator,

“What is man that You take thought of him, and the son of man that You care for him? Yet You have made him a little lower than God, and You crown him with glory and majesty!” (Psalm 8:4-5, NASB)

Daniel the prophet realized the weightiness of our moral influence when he said, “those that turn many to righteousness” will “shine. . . like the stars forever and ever,” while others, he said, will go down in history with “shame and everlasting contempt” (Daniel 12:3). Said another way, human actions carry eternal effects.

In the wake of each person’s decisions, strands of history are set in motion that otherwise would never unfold. The shape of reality itself has been and is being incrementally configured by the wondrous outworking of your will, my will, every other will, and the interplay between them all. What you do matters immensely because what you do brings into existence one relational dynamic after another, either positive or negative, that otherwise would not exist. Each deed you execute triggers a series of outcomes for which you are the solitary source.

There are people—real people with names and faces—who are what they are, who know what they know, who feel what they feel, fear what they fear, and love what they love because of you. There is pain in the world right now that would not exist if I had not done some particular deeds that imposed it. And, no doubt, there is joy in some heart right now that would not be there if I had not given it.

More amazing still, your “fingerprints,” and mine, are upon the very heart of God. Your life, and my life, has impacted the Almighty Creator of the universe. He has known grief and pain, as well as elation and joy, because of you and because of me.

Jesus explained that anything I do for or against any human being registers in His heart as if done to Him. At very least, this means that the effect of every moral action is borne by God due to His infinitely empathetic love for every person (Mat 25:40-45). Divinity itself is injured by our wrongs and blessed by our right doing. The loss of one soul will leave God forever bereft of the companionship that might have been His if that soul had been saved, and the rescue of one soul will bestow immeasurable eternal joy upon God’s heart.

There are men and women and children who await your impact, who crave your love, who may be morally elevated by your example, made alive by your kind words, forever saved by your revelation of the Savior’s heart.

It lies within my power as a human being, made in God’s image, to actualize events and relationships of everlasting beauty that cannot come to pass apart from my choices. Every act of love I perform constitutes an infinite moral good that makes a difference to the course of history and, therefore, in the eternal scheme of reality itself. If I speak a word of encouragement to a heavy heart, it matters on a grand and eternal scale. If I visit a sick person and envelop their heart in compassion, that deed means something of staggering worth. If I feed a hungry child, doing so constitutes a crucial experience of generosity in that child’s existence, as well as in God’s existence as the Omni-benevolent One who loves that child as Himself.

Each human being’s life carries “an eternal weight of glory” (2 Corinthians 4:17), a weight of moral and relational dignity that only eternity itself can measure, and that means the measurement of my life’s influence will never reach its final calculation. Each deed will ripple forever in its effect.

Take it in: the overall content of reality for other created beings and for God Himself will forever bear the marks your individual existence, and mine. Every deed you perform stands completely alone as a new piece of reality that could not have occurred if you had not made it happen.

Our lives are so astoundingly fraught with materializing significance!

Which, of course, begs the question: What will I do with my life, my weighty, grave, massively impactful life? And what will you do with yours?

Really, there is but one course to pursue: Go for broke living for God and for others.

Spend and be spent for the advancement of God’s self-giving kingdom.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind,” and “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:37-38).

So what will you do with your life today, this very hour? Look around you. There are men and women and children who await your impact, who crave your love, who may be morally elevated by your example, made alive by your kind words, forever saved by your revelation of the Savior’s heart.

“I saw the universe change today,” and it was by my choices and yours that it happened.

Did you see it change too?

Ty Gibson Co-Director
Light Bearers
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  • David Asscherick

    I want to be the first to comment on this blog. This is such a profoundly persuasive argument/rationale for personal moral rectitude. It obliterates even the possibility of Pharisaism and legalism and their ilk. Thank you, Ty, for writing this. It’s truly life changing material. God is so beautiful and praise worthy! I’m just on fire about this eternal perspective. What a profound picture of ourselves, of God, and of reality!

  • Ian

    WOW – really makes me think about what I do and want to do and how that relates to God’s will. This is amazing – thank you and God bless

  • Snowmoonshadows.

    Thank you Ty. God is so good. He used you to give me exactly what I need today. I will share this with someone I love and respect, one of God’s anointed. May God work wonderfully and miraculously. God bless you as you continue to serve and exalt Him. Snow

  • Stefan Burnham

    Well said and very encouraging. Thanks for challenging me to be, in effect, God’s butterfly of change! Gotta flutter away now! Today, I pray I will land on the hearts of a few souls and quietly brighten their day!

  • Femi Fabiyi

    I saw the universe change today, and it is because I made the choice to read this blog and to act on it, God help me. God bless you.

  • Mark Taylor

    Nicely put, Mr. Ty Gibson!
    It seems the chaos theorists are worshiping the ‘Unknown God’. I always find it amazing when our beloved philosophers and scientists give praise to God without the acknowledgement. I know your article did not address this, but just the same.
    Let your light continue to shine, brother. I would be sad otherwise.
    – Mark (JhalelZ)

  • Jennifer Schwirzer

    Eloquent and expansive as always, Ty. The shopping trip I’m about to take just got elevated from being about veganaise and office supplies to kind smiles at strangers and potential life-altering conversations.

  • JJ(wopboyjoe)

    God touched my heart today…through you Ty Gibson, my universe just changed. God is AWESOME !

  • David

    Great blog Ty. Amazing thoughts about the weight of each life and decision.

    If you people like this sort of stuff I’d definitely recommend ‘Is God To Blame?’ by Greg Boyd, it’s a good read. It is good to hear Christians like Gibson and Boyd write about the fact that we actually have God given choice, and God’s not ashamed of it. Exciting thoughts, and directly relating to reality.

  • Jess

    I love this. One of the best blog posts I have read.

  • Kathy Schwanke

    Awesome, thank you!

  • Anthony

    Thank you! I am going to go and repent now. Powerful blog.

    The conviction really hit home for me here ->

    “Jesus explained that anything I do for or against any human being registers in His heart as if done to Him. At very least, this means that the effect of every moral action is borne by God due to His infinitely empathetic love for every person (Mat 25:40-45). Divinity itself is injured by our wrongs and blessed by our right doing. The loss of one soul will leave God forever bereft of the companionship that might have been His if that soul had been saved, and the rescue of one soul will bestow immeasurable eternal joy upon God’s heart.”

  • Danny Whatley

    What I do really does matter for eternity! Thanks Ty, for putting thoughts into words.

  • Vance F. Breise

    Love the way you combine science, philosophy, spirituality, and poetry, concisely, and clearly and to the point.
    Your writing, and your speaking keep getting awesomer and awesomer. Apparently the years and years of practice are working. Thank you Ty.
    I posted a link on my Face book page.

  • Anca Gritto

    Praise God for His mercy and love.Our existence is because of Him and we should not forget.We have a free choice,and may our choice be a blessing for those around us.May the Lord be Glorify in everything we do.Rom.12:1-2

  • Taj Pacleb


  • The Proclaimer

    AMAZING TY (inspired by Prayer)
    This is what we need to think about when using the purpose God has in-trusted us with
    Praise God

  • Daniel Alcantara

    The article is pretty, but I think it’s misleading to say humans are a solitary source of action. Perhaps what the writer had in mind is different than what I’m recalling from my free will & determinism.

    Be careful in your thinking.
    Much love,

  • Beth

    Yes, I love this. I think too often we think that we are somehow deficient if we have not “won many souls to the kingdom.” We are easily discouraged because we are confused about what it means to “win souls.” Yet as we daily consent to be His child He works in us and through us “to will and to do” His good pleasure, which is simply to love people to Himself. The burden of “winning souls” is His, not ours. When “any little deed of mine” lets His love and His light into the world, then those with whom we are in contact are being touched by God Himself. As with the Butterfly Effect we may never see the consequences, but that does not diminish what we do as we simply live each day for Him.

  • Nathalie Botha

    So Beautiful – thank you for this profound message – will be sharing!!! My Prayer to live a life to change it positively & fill my Saviours Heart with Joy!!!

  • Janice Dixon

    Thank you for the inspiring message. I’ve been thinking over the past few months how we as Christians are always asking God for things: to help us, be with us, change us, be with our friends and family. All of course, God loves it when we do ask for things and trust His love for us. But, then it hit me, I can give Him my love and devotion, and He loves that, but the ONLY thing I can DO for Him is to love and reach out to His children. When we work to save God’s lost children, it brings us into an intimacy with Him that can be gotten no other way.

  • Jerome Beldin

    Good stuff here Ty, I feel lucky to have you as a father-in-law. God must have known I was going to need some constant inspiration. I’ll try to remember this while I raise your grandsons with Amber.

  • Rick

    Thank you Ty..! Your perceptions are wonderful and ‘mind-growing’..! Praise the goodness and foresight, of our loving God..!

  • Puppernaut

    Thank you for this! It helps to be reminded that all that we do, even the smallest things, affect others.

  • Michael Delaney

    Your evaluation Brother Ty of Why You Matter So Much is certainly sobering and thought provoking. Indeed even relatively minor decisions and actions made and taken by individuals do set in motion repercussions of eternal significance. Looking at the big picture these thoughts verify an aspect of how we matter. In my thinking Why We Matter So Much is even more expressed in the simple fact that we are sons and daughters of the Living God. At the baptism of Jesus, His Father declared that He (Jesus) was indeed His Son and that He (the Father) was well pleased with Him (Jesus). In other words our Father affirmed the Sonship of Jesus and let His Son know that He loved Him. Inspired commentary says when Father spoke these words to His Son, He was speaking to us all. This relational truth was what Jesus was armed with just before His wilderness sojourn and temptations by the devil. If we would only with childlike faith embrace the significance of this aspect of Why We Matter So Much it would bring forth a reactionary flow of actions, words and deeds that would not only impact the world with blessings but would cause our Father great joy with worship, praise and thanksgiving flowing back to Him through His Son in the great circuit of beneficence. Blessings upon your for sharing this thought provoking blog.

  • Skip MacCarty

    Awesome, sobering, significance-generating concepts. Thank you!

  • William Arama

    Thank you, for these thoughts. Very blessed and challenged.

  • Dan Garza

    It’s truly a sobering thought to think that one can impact the world, the universe, and the very actions of God!

  • Nancy


  • Dona

    i was impacted by this article and even more so by the comments that were made and how each ones life was impacted with this knowledge of truth and reality that we can change things and people around us just by our change. Let’s “let our light so shine before men that they might see our good works.” Lord, thank You for Godly men.

  • Nathan Martin

    Very encouraging..inspirational! You remind me of the book I’m currently reading “Life without Limits” by Clifford Goldstein. Awesome stuff. It makes Jesus very real in a cosmic setting and making the awesomeness of history here on earth very relevant in terms of how God is reaching us as the only alternative for peace and happiness starting right now and forever! As opposed to living and dying forever as the rest of the material matter on earth. What a privelege your article brings to the fore that I have to make a difference now especially as I would do it for Him as husband and Father. Too bad I missed so many opportunities in the past…thanks again for reminding of the grace available today to enable making a difference for His sake…be it how “small” in my eyes!

  • Lee Willard

    I just read this today and I find myself crying. What a powerful message — the Lord truly spoke to my heart.

  • Milka

    I am blessed and reminded of who I am, what God expect from me and how my actions may bless or curse others, how they may influence others’ choices for good or fot the worse. Thank you fot this article.
    God bless you.

  • Sarah Hansen

    You have no idea how much I needed to hear this today! Thank you for being God’s small voice to my heart with a huge game-changing perspective!

  • Bridge

    May God continue to bless this ministry. Praying for you guys!

  • Bobbie Vedvick

    The ripple from this article has touched my heart and by forwarding it and sharing it with others, the ripple will go on indefinitely touching countless others, each time bringing joy to our Father’s heart.

  • Angela Massingale

    Wow! Great article…what an amazing God we have…and we are his creation, meant to do his will…to change a life.

  • sheila hazel

    This really spoke to my heart. Thank-You. God Bless.

  • Lester Collins Jr

    Great article. I definitely appreciate your ministry. I often considered some of the points you raise. I am astounded by and grateful that God perfectly fills the God-job of directing the traffic of several billion free wills currently, and as you bring out – the effects of several billion free wills from those who lived in the past. I have considered the awesome task God has of deciding if He will prevent or allow the plans of a person who purposes in their heart to go postal or commit some other evils. The perspective you present encourages me to consider more the positive effects that simple and profound things that I do will and have had upon the world. I am reminded of the accounts in which simple smiles have literally saved lives and likely prevented other evil acts. May more people catch the (positive) wave of God’s good, pleasing, perfect, and loving will!

  • Buddy Kruger

    Thank you, Ty. What you have shared here is a beautiful timeless truth of our infinite worth as human beings created in God’s image. Stunningly uplifting to contemplate and practice.