Bestseller | The Clifford Goldstein Story

by Light Bearers  |  July 4, 2014

Clifford Goldstein didn’t believe in much, but one thing he did believe in was Truth. He just didn’t know what it was or where to find it. As the fiery writer traveled Europe and Israel in search of his novel’s soul, his quest for meaning of life continued, leading him to a different kind of altar. Little did he know that one dark night in the summer of 1979, his search would end with a decision that would change his life forever.

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I Can See With New Eyes

by Elaine Thompson  |  July 4, 2014

There I was two years ago, praying, “God I want to know truth. Can you please reveal Yourself to me? I don’t want to learn culture or traditions. I just want to know YOU.” So starting with the Bible, I set out to challenge the beliefs, culture and traditions I have been schooled in as an Adventist. And what an amazing and refreshing journey it has turned out to be! When you take everything off the table and start over from the Bible, it creates a depth of understanding regarding why you believe what you believe.

One thing that really emerged and has become a huge passion for me over these two years is creating a thirst in the minds and hearts of people, especially children, to seek after God. I have three cousins between the ages of four and eight years old. The more I watch them grow, the more I want them to be attracted to the character of Jesus instead of to Barbie, Sonic, Spiderman and Princesses. I desire for them to be like Jesus, when at …
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Elaine Thompson Youth Leader

The Weapons of Our Warfare

by Risë Rafferty  |  July 2, 2014

It would be overly simplistic to say that one food or food component is capable of causing, preventing, or curing cancer. However, it would be completely ignorant to intimate that food and food components are not factors in the development of many forms of cancer. According to Andrew Woodward, MS, RD, CSO, a medical oncology dietitian, diet may influence the cause of 30-50 percent of cancers. Not only does good nutrition have a potentially significant therapeutic role, but it has also been found to improve the quality of life and prevent the recurrence of cancer in cancer survivors. While certain foods or food components have been found to encourage cancer growth, others have been shown to be powerful weapons in the fight against cancer.

Plant foods are loaded with phytochemicals which are simply plant substances that have the potential to: stimulate the immune system, block substances in foods from becoming carcinogens, reduce inflammation that predisposes to cancer, prevent DNA damage and help with DNA repair, hinder the growth of cancer cells, trigger damaged cells to die before they multiply, and …
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Risë Rafferty Health Educator
Light Bearers

Faith Sight

by Fred Bischoff  |  July 1, 2014

When you read words that are effective in describing something, you can picture it in your imagination. “See ye the word of the LORD” (Jeremiah 2:31). This “seeing” is not simply letters on a page. God is asking us to see the story—His history with us—realities our physical eyes cannot see.

Recall Moses’ story, summarized in Hebrews 11:27. He “endured, as seeing Him who is invisible.” He had evidence for God, but he had not yet seen God, and thus it was “by faith” he saw Him, and endured the coming diversions of his mission. Those evidences that come to us from the past—others’ stories and our own—give us the picture of God that we need.

Paul described it. “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life” (1 Timothy 6:12). Why is it a fight? Because we are all immersed in a “big fight”—what we call the great controversy that began over rejecting the evidence. The word “fight” actually comes from the idea of being led together for a contest. One might think he can avoid the …
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Fred Bischoff Adventist Pioneer Library

Bestseller | Official Trailer

by Light Bearers  |  June 17, 2014

As a secular American Jew, Clifford Goldstein was driven by one consuming obsession: to write a bestselling novel. God was nowhere on his radar. And yet, Cliff was on God’s radar. Here is the trailer for the video, Bestseller, to be released July 1.

Light Bearers a publishing, training and evangelism ministry.
Redeeming Shame

Redeeming Shame

by Jennifer J. Schwirzer  |  June 13, 2014

By far the most traumatic event of my adolescence was Sue Cook’s house fire. I recall the suburban home ringed with a crowd of people, spewing fire and black smoke out of its windows. I stood there watching solemnly with Sue, who whispered, “Don’t tell” and held me in the grip of her panicked eyes. We both knew how the fire started. We had accidentally dropped a burning cigarette onto her couch only hours before; it had disappeared into the box springs and, unbeknownst to us, smoldered into life after we left. What began as a mischievous 13 year-old secret became a life-altering disaster. For about a year until Sue’s father discovered the matter, I carried two monsters on by back—guilt and shame. Guilt reminded me of the horrible thing I’d done, while Shame told me that the horrible thing defined who I was. When Guilt flashed the burning house before my eyes, hissing, “You lit this fire!” Shame followed quickly with, “You arsonist, you!” Guilt afflicted my conscience, while Shame wounded both my conscience and my identity. Together the …
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Jennifer J. Schwirzer Licensed Professional Counselor
Michael Ministries
The End of Protestantism?

The End of Protestantism?

by Alan J. Reinach  |  June 11, 2014

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, under intense public pressure, vetoed Senate Bill 1062, a religious freedom bill that had been “egregiously misrepresented,” according to a coalition of law professors who wrote in defense of the bill. The bill sought to clarify what was originally intended in an earlier bill, enacted in 1999, The Arizona Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which I drafted, and I also chaired a coalition that supported the bill. Although enacted by strong majorities in the legislature, businesses pushed hard against SB 1062. The NFL threatened to pull the Super Bowl out of Arizona if Brewer signed it. Among the false charges: that it gave businesses carte blanche to refuse services to gays.

As a result of the Arizona experience, it has now become difficult if not impossible to enact any religious freedom protections. This episode may be seen in the long view of history as symptomatic of the end of Protestantism.

Civil and religious liberties in America, and globally, owe an enormous debt to Protestantism. Reformation doctrines of Sola Scriptura, the priesthood of all believers—the basic premise of …
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Alan J. Reinach Executive Director
Church State Council