Pieces of literature distributed to date...

Publishing is powerful!

Spreading truth-filled literature over the globe like the leaves of autumn is the most rapid and cost-effective way of placing the gospel in the hands of humanity’s hungering masses. And Light Bearers is doing just that. We publish and distribute between thirty and fifty million publications each year, free of charge, in the local languages of the most needy and receptive peoples of the world. Day-by-day we are aggressively engaged in a three step process that’s impacting millions:

Print It

We operate our own fully self-contained and debt-free publishing house. Millions of pieces of literature fly off our six-color web-press every week, move through our folding machines, and then get boxed and palletized.

Ship It

Once the material is printed and boxed, a semi-truck arrives with an empty container. We load it up, each container holding nearly three million publications. The truck then delivers the precious cargo to the designated sea port, where it is transported to its country.

Share It

When the container arrives, it is cleared through customs and placed in the care of eager church leaders, who then distribute the material to pastors, evangelists, Bible Workers and members in general. Now these eager brothers and sisters have powerful gospel tools for their soul-winning efforts, and they are thankful beyond estimation. Through this ministry Light Bearers has put into circulation over 500 million gospel publications in more that thirty languages.

The following is a list of literature projects completed by Light Bearers since we first started shipping containers in 1990. Showing the country, pieces of literature, and the language in which the literature was printed. You can also download the Publishing Report.

This Year

Status Location Quantity Languages
In Transit Tanzania 2,142,240 Swahili & English,
In Transit Jamaica 2,860 English
In Transit Democratic Republic of Congo 2,081,230 French, Congo Swahili
Totals 3 Countries 4,226,330 5 Languages

Previous Years

Year Containers Quantity Languages Countries
2013 11 Containers 21,683,410 9 Languages 9 Countries
2012 10 Containers 20,364,355 6 Languages 8 Countries
2011 14 Containers 28,024,147 8 Languages 5 Countries
2010 14 Containers 26,934,784 8 Languages 9 Countries
2009 26 Containers 55,599,409 8 Languages 11 Countries
2008 11 Containers 24,355,280 3 Languages 9 Countries
2007 10 Containers 18,196,114 1 Language 5 Countries
2006 14 Containers 20,728,933 6 Languages 14 Countries
2005 11 Containers 17,652,137 7 Languages 10 Countries
2004 16 Containers 39,698,104 8 Languages 15 Countries
1990-2003 153 Containers 323,047,771 28 Languages 46 Countries

At a Glance

Years Containers Quantity Languages Countries
1990 – Present 270 Containers 600,510,702 33 Languages 58 Countries
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