Introducing Table Talk

Introducing Table Talk

by Ty Gibson  |  July 12, 2013

Four guys at a table.

A list of provocative and sublime topics.

All they’re told in advance is, “Bring your Bible and your brain.”

No rules.

No script.

Just straight from the heart, conversation about the things that matter most.

The Concept

During the Reformation Martin Luther held informal conversations with friends. They would get together and banter back and forth about theology and the practical matters of life. These discussions came to be known as “table talk.” This was one of the ways Luther modeled for us “the priesthood of all believers,” the idea that all the followers of Jesus are mediators and ministers of the gospel as opposed to the papal notion that the “clergy” alone are called by God to handle His word and deliver it to the “laity.”

Here at Light Bearers, Jeffrey Rosario, James Rafferty, David Asscherick and myself often engage in casual blab sessions regarding biblical topics. As with Luther and his friends long ago, we have experienced the blessing and benefit of talking with one another over God’s Word. The result is a kind of intellectual cross pollination, each person’s perspectives contributing to those of the others and then collectively yielding clearer insight than any one of us could have had on our own.

It’s fun.

It’s enlightening.

It’s energizing.

So we thought, Hey, why don’t we invite others to join in our conversations, or at least sit in on them via television, in the hope of spawning other “priesthood-of-all-believers” conversations around other tables in homes and churches everywhere?

This is the idea behind Table Talk.

First, we pray our biblical conversations are a blessing to you and many other viewers as we share our personal insights to God’s Word. Secondly, it is our hope that you will be inspired to gather a few people around a table in your own home to discuss the big issues of life from a biblical perspective.

I assure you, there is no greater blessing than to have our understanding of God and our relation to Him enlarged, expanded, and infused with new life and new insight by taking onboard the insights of others who are pondering the same subjects but from their own unique angle. When we articulate our own perspectives and listen to the perspectives of others, we experience major leaps of understanding as the various ideas come together and build on one another.

And so begins Table Talk: a Light Bearers conversation. We hope you’ll tune in. And we hope you get together with your friends and talk your way through the Bible.

Table Talk airs Sundays at 7pm, Wednesdays at 9am, and Thursdays at 10pm (PST) on 3ABN.

Watch the first Table Talk episode below:

Ty Gibson Co-Director
Light Bearers
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  • claudine

    Thank you for this program. I so enjoyed it… Please keep up the good work you guys are doing. Many people will understand the Bible and get to know the TRUTH. The Lord is coming soon. I will be praying for you. May God bless you.

  • Iriann

    N-I-C-E! Blessings 🙂

  • Marcos Torres

    This is awesome! Its really down to earth, trendy, and yet profoundly biblical. You guys are doing great things. Keep it up!

  • Jason Lombard

    Loved it guys. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • I saw this on 3ABN. It was amazing! The forum, camera lighting, candidness, and content was seamless and perfect. I wish I was there. All you needed were mugs of tea on the table. 🙂 Thank you so much for giving us this raw yet warm environment to learn about God!

    To being wise,


  • JcLynnF

    I Love this new TABLE TALK series! It’s AWESOME! I am looking forward to watching the other episodes on 3ABN! (I’m saving them on my DVR in hopes to share them with my brothers, family, & friends that visit me).

    May God continue to use each of your unique personalities & outlooks, in the special way that he is.

    God isssssss Good! 🙂

    God bless you and your families – Ty, James, David, and Jeffrey.


  • Patty Cardenal

    I love it!! I am sure the Lord loves it too. My prayers have been answered. Now… When are we going to have all this wisdom given to the Spanish speaking brethren?

    Thank you guys, you are the best!!!

    God Is Soooooo Good


  • Sonny M. Sena

    Wouldn’t it be just lovely if everyone conducted Bible Study this way? Very objective and just straight from the shoulder and from the heart and from the Word of God. Hope you can save your episodes on Vimeo to some new site so we can come back to it every so often even if we should miss your broadcast on 3ABN. Someone once told me that anything that’s GOOD should never end. Let’s have more, more and more. The topics discussed were just grrreeeeat. God Bless You! Thanks guys.

  • Cindy

    Love this, helps so much to hear different perspectives on God’s word; it was a great aspect of the Panel at Camp Meeting as well!

  • Jimmy Estrada

    Love it!!

  • Watching the program and I’m loving it. As a creative designer, I love the set too.

  • Ryan L. J. Joseph

    Fantastic! Inspired my friends and I to have a similar forum to discuss biblical issues that affect our everyday lives.

  • Laura Underwood

    I am so glad I have found this. I loved Ty,s topic “territories” I stayed up till 4:30 in the morning after viewing table talk, which is AWESOME and 3abn had him on. Didn’t get much sleep but my thoughts were firing.
    Great chemistry between you all and taking on the tough questions. I have needed this, thank you.

  • This is absolutely genius. Praising God for you guys.

  • This has become my favorite show! It has elevated my spiritual life. I thank God for the blessing of this round table discussion.

  • Olivine Daley-Edwrds

    I really enjoy your program and appreciate your ministry for Christ and for others. Please continue to let the Holy Spirit lead, guide and direct your paths.

    Good job. Really love it.

  • So inspiring. Like David said at the end, I feel like I’ve pulled up a chair and sat with you guys. That’s the spirit! Blessings from Brazil.

  • Ann Marie

    Loved this!! Always love listening and learning from you guys. It’s pretty obvious that God hasn’t only searched for you but found you all as well. Remain in Him – He is blessing so many through you!!

  • Bill Mitchell

    Love it! Keep up the GREAT WORK!
    Blessings from Tennessee

  • Steffi

    Thank you for reminding us how simple and beautiful God and his word are. Keep up the good work! Blessings

  • Tywan Jackson

    This concept that you guys have resurrected from times past is a blessing. It deepens your thoughts into the Bible, though you have only touched the surface, it has given new light on scriptures that could look be over. May God continue to bless your works as you bless others.

  • Kenol Jeanbaptiste

    This is just amazing. I will keep you brothers in prayer! PARADIGM SHIFT!

  • Skip MacCarty

    So well done. Fresh, open, insightful. Look forward to more. Will you be archiving this and putting up future episodes on this site?

  • Albert Podorski

    What an awsome series, unformal and yet so passionate about God and His Love Letter. This whole theme of a God as the greatest lover of all, in pursuit of our hearts. He has so much to give us… Praise the Lord for reviving this ancient art – Table Talk.

  • Sankarah philemond

    Simply brilliant!! And very enlightening! May God bless you guys and continue to use you to bless others. Cannot wait to see more episodes…

  • Jeffrey Harper

    Love the idea. Thank you

  • Carla A.

    Awesome! Thank You for keeping it real!

  • Jespar Gates

    I’m not SDA,Ive turned my back on christianity as i knew it, the kind where subtle manipulation is used to try to convict and convert…. that is why a have utmost appreciation for TABLE TALK. No subterfuge. “come, let us reason together..” its okay to think and question… thank you!

  • Thank you for enriching my spiritual life.

  • Katherine Graham

    Thank you. I’m blessed and enriched by your program.

  • Bridgette Presley

    When’s the next one?? 🙂

  • Love this idea. I learn better with discussion rather then lecture.

  • Mark Sjostrom

    Loved your program last night, is there a way to watched the ones I have missed?

  • Marie Smith

    My husband and I watch TABLE TALK every Sabbath and have been so blessed by opening of Gods word. We love to see how the most simplest of texts can can produce such deep insight into the war between Christ and satan and most importantly, how much God loves us. It’s amazing. Please, please keep this going! Blessings from England UK

  • Inspiration even in the hotbed of interesting theology here in La Sierra, Riverside CA! Thanks– this is well done on every possible level. I worked for Faith for Today, It Is Written, Voice of Prophecy– the ‘early media’ that led the way. Elder Fagal, Elder Vandeman, Elder HMS Richards– those noble pioneers of TV and Radio–they would be warmly supportive and humbly proud of this continuation of their ministries.

  • What I love about the program is its natural-ness. While I’m tempted to talk about the set, the concept, and the little details of the production, I would just like to focus on the way the Gospel is deliberated and talked about — no preacher on a stage, no hysterics or drama, no high-falluting language. Thank you for letting us into your conversations and my Yahweh bless your ministry richly.

  • Lisa

    Thinking of how I can implement this locally…

  • Don Mischel

    I am truly blessed by Table Talk. Please continue!

  • Awesome, Spirit-filled conversation! It looks like 3ABN has several of these episodes available for download, but that’s kinda a hassle. Any chance you guys can upload them and make them available as Vimeo videos?

  • Kay Clark

    I absolutely love listening and learning from the four of you. I was born and raised as a 7th day Adventist; which means church school, academy and college and one of the amazing things to me is that one never gets to a point of having learned it all. We know that Daniel didn’t understand the visions that he shared with the world. The incredible thing to me is that now, at the ripe old age of 68 years old, I continue to have my eyes opened and I learn new things everyday. I just finished watching your table talk about the ‘Sons of God’, angels and Lucifer. Co-incidentally I just encountered and finally after all of these years I read about the sons of god in Job. It opened an entire discussion amongst me and my family members. What a blessing to have that very topic expounded upon by the 4 of you. I wish I could find the texts and share them with all my buds! Keep up the good work. The Lord is leading this world to its final conclusion and young men like you are leading the way. God bless you in all of your endeavors.
    Thanks, Kay Clark

  • linn Cartner

    enjoyed table talk VERY much. just caught it end of October. is it available on dvd from beginning for what I have missed??. this is my kind of study. you do a wonderful job!
    I am not SDA but that isn’t an issue for me. we differ in some issues but agree in many others. health has caused me immobility – for I don’t know how long (God Knows) – but sharing table talk with you has been one of the joys GOD has given while I wait. thanks much linn
    please let me know about dvds from beginning thank you

  • Leslie

    Lord Jesus taught his disciples that whoever wants to be the greatest let him be the one that serves. May each of you serve each other as equals in the eyes of GOD, encouraging one another. May the pure knowledge and understanding from the presence of Holy Spirit flow spontaneously as the message GOD is being spread to your viewers. To GOD be the glory, in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Would love for you to do a study on the nephilum, giants, and the world in the days of Noah. “As in the days of Noah…” Would like to hear you discuss what the world was like in the days of Noah and what to look for now. Interested in the Book of Enoch in relation to this subject. Thank you and God bless you.

  • Eduardo Gutierrez

    We were brought into existence because we were needed. {PH004 28.1}

  • Marcus Ware

    A key part of my bible study. Keep up the good work guys.

    God Bless!!

  • petriece kameka

    I really am enjoying these discussions. Just started watching recently

  • Donna

    Truly, truly blessed. It seemed like it has been a long time I hear this kind of discussion. David you are a blessing (as well as the others) never leave Jesus.

  • Judith Meauri

    Just started watching recently all the way from Papua New Guinea.
    Great discussions.
    Very enlightening.
    Good job,, keep it up.

  • Phillip

    Is it possoble ro see all episodes on the internet?

  • Bettie Witherspoon

    I am 84, almost 85 ,,, and so it continues … I am just now finding Table Talk, but what a joy. I am relatively housebound and the TV and internet have become a great find and experience for me now.

  • Darden Gilbert

    I was just watching your Genesis discussion. I would like to add a thought. When Adam & Eve sinned and realized they were necked, God took the skins of Lambs to cover them. In essence the shedding of blood was covering their sin, the mercy of God. After being sent from the garden of Eden, God instituted a sacrifice of lambs for the repent sinner. By this time Cane knew well what God required for sacrifice. So, he decided in his heart that he would bring the fruit of his labor, from the sweat of his brow, his all, and assumed that God would accept it. His anger and rage against his brother, brought on by God’s acceptance of Abel’s sacrifice, and in his eyes his rejection by God brought sinful anger against his brother. This rage, this anger is from Satan himself. Cain has turned his back to God and slain his brother (O the results of sin). I want to thank you for your program “Table Talk” as you go into depth of God’s word. Bless you as you continue serving our Lord and Savior. An elder sister in Christ

  • ChaCha43

    I found you on the Hope Channel and your discussions are helping me in my personal search for answers to the hard questions. While watching the one called ‘if God is in control, are we really free’ something occurred to me as a possibility that I don’t think you touched on. That is that God/love by his very nature is free, we were created in love to function in an environment of love. In fact the very concept of freedom as we know it is based upon the foundational truth that all men are created equal and endowed with inalienable rights, including the right to choose life or death, to be at liberty or to be a slave and to pursue happiness as we perceive it. So it seems as though God’s will intersects with all of the wills of us all and it seems to me that God made this one choice of his own free will -Jesus- and this choice has filtered into all other intersections of will/choice throughout the history of man. Everything after that covenant was made is a reflection of it, a form in which we in different times, places, circumstances and cultures would hear the Gospel in our own ‘language’ so that we could grasp at hope and be caught up in His Grace <3