The ARISE Internship Program

by Light Bearers  |  April 24, 2012

For almost a decade now we’ve had the privilege of training over 800 people through our ARISE training programs. It’s been a powerful and beautiful experience! But we’ve always dreamed of having a longer, more thorough training program.

Thankfully, now that we have our own facilities since our recent merger with Light Bearers, we now have an opportunity to provide a longer program of training, discipleship and mentorship.

This is the ARISE Internship program. A 12-month extension of our Cornerstone Program. A select number of students are enrolled in this graduate program to continue learning in class and applying what they learn in the community.

David Asscherick teaching the ARISE Interns

David Asscherick teaching the ARISE Interns.

The eight interns that are part of this internship program are actively engaged in frontline ministry. They are serving in local churches giving Bible studies and preaching, conducting training for the laity, organizing small groups, visiting backsliders, integrating into the overall life of the churches, and targeting the University of Oregon (which has over 20,000 students) with outreach ministries. We’re excited to see young people committing their lives for Gospel ministry and being used by God in real ways to impact real people.

Meet the interns

Nick HaustedNick Hausted, 20, Nebraska
One of the most amicable on the team, Nick is an always-cheerful worker who believes nothing is impossible. We’re still trying to convince him that he can’t wrestle a bear.

Liz ShiresLiz Shires, 25, California
Liz is a hard, reliable worker and the whole team is grateful for her skills in the kitchen! She also has the uncanny ability to speak many words in a short amount of time.

Bryant RodriguezBryant Rodriquez, 18, Minnesota
He’s a poet who
likes to write about God and
the issues of life.

Stephanie LesterStephanie Lester, 19, Texas
Baptized during the Cornerstone program last fall, and a Christian for only a few months, Stephanie is doing work that most neglect their entire lives. She’ll tell you herself, working with people is harder than training lions.

Joshua RayburnJoshua Rayburn, 28, California
Our resident physical therapist turned gospel intern, Josh is dependable and always willing to help others—even if it’s spending four hours changing an alternator at 1am in the parking lot of a 24-hour parts store somewhere in Texas.

Katelyn CarrKatelyn Carr, 19, Tennessee
Katelyn memorized 100 verses in 100 days, only making one mistake on her memory tests during the Cornerstone program. We’re grateful to have her on the team. We’re also grateful she pays her own cell phone bill.

Alex HuhAlex Huh, 22, Illinois
He’s been an integral part of our campus ministry at the University of Oregon. Alex is a gifted musician who is grateful that there are gifted cooks on the team.

Gabriel ReedGabriel Reed, 37, Florida
Gabriel’s foremost passion is God. He’s made much of the ministry we do at the University of Oregon possible. His second passion is running and eating carrot sticks.

Please pray for our interns as they continue their training and do ministry in the Eugene community.

Left to right: Nick, Stephanie, Liz, Alex, Bryant, Gabriel, Katelyn, and Josh

Left to right: Nick, Stephanie, Liz, Alex, Bryant, Gabriel, Katelyn, and Josh

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  • Chris

    Miss you guys keep up the good work!!!

  • Virna Santos

    Awesome!! Praying for you all!!!

  • Steph

    Thankfully we all (barely) survived that picture.

  • Øystein

    “Spot on” descriptions on the interns. I miss you friends. When i see this, i feel an urge to be there and help you 🙂

  • Michelle Hulsewe

    God bless all of you! What a tremendous ministry you all have endured. Keep up the good work!

  • Maria Jose Jimeno

    ….sometimes I wish I would have more lives!!!!… I miss you all!!!… and I am happy that you are still working at Eugene areaaaa!!!!… God bless you!!! 😉

  • Niki

    Great!! Blessings on you all 🙂

  • Kay Sanchez

    “Happy will be the ones whom it can be said, ‘The Spirit of God never stirred these young people’s souls in vain. They went forward and upward from strength to strength. Self was not woven into their lives. They did not think of resting, but sought constantly to attain the wisdom and righteousness of Christ.'” -EGW

    Good work you guys!!! Praise GOD! 😉

  • David Asscherick

    Proud of you guys! Thank you for the work you do for Jesus!

  • Stephen Farr

    I am very honored to know all of you personally. I am proud of all of you for the work you are doing and I am praying for all of you. I really wish at times I would have made the decision to e a part of this intern program but the Lord led me in a different direction. Please be praying for me also as I am embarking on a college education at Walla Walla University. I will be working towards my Masters in Theology. God Bless all of you.
    Running Club? Tell David I asked…? Is there a running club…