And In My World…

And In My World…

by Ty Gibson  |  October 6, 2012

Wow, I was so blessed by David’s “world” that I’d like to expand the vision to the church.

In my world, the church would be a place in which Jesus is the one Truth that gives meaning and heart and healing significance to all other truths.

In my world, church potlucks would not be so dependent on luck and there wouldn’t be any fake meat that has the texture of dog food.

In my world, the church would be a place people run to rather than run from, because rather than finding socio-economic cliques, hair-splitting controversy, and condemnation there, they would find open arms and all the help they need.

In my world, the church would not major in minors, but rather would allow for liberty where Scripture is silent or unclear.

In my world, the church would be a place in which the conservatives are conservative with regards to themselves and liberal with love and acceptance toward others who don’t agree with them.

In my world, the church would be a place in which the liberals would apply their liberality as a practical expression of love toward others while not attacking the generally agreed-upon doctrines of the church.

In my world, Seventh-day Adventists would not be regarded as legalists, because our preaching and teaching would be so filled with the good news of salvation by grace through faith alone in Christ, that we would have never earned such a reputation.

In my world, Seventh-day Adventists would not merely be known for their day and their diet, but for their exaltation of Jesus as the central feature of their faith.

In my world, the church would be a place in which Jesus is so beautifully and clearly preached that obedience to God’s law and victory over sin would rise from within rather than being imposed from without.

In my world, the church’s magazines would have better graphic design.

In my world, the music sung by the church would be vibrant, enthusiastic and alive with adoration for God, regardless of the period from which the music is dated.

In my world, Sabbath school classes would be evangelistically sensitive to the presence of non-members and would study the Bible in English rather than in Adventese.

In my world, no church would have lime green or flaming orange carpet from the 1970s.

In my world, people who gossip and backbite would be as eligible for church discipline as those who commit adultery and rob banks.

In my world, Seventh-day Adventists would not merely be known for their day and their diet, but for their exaltation of Jesus as the central feature of their faith.

And in my world, I would be discerning enough to recognize that I am as much a part of the problem as anybody else in the church and would apply all of the above to myself.

What would the church be like in your world?

Ty Gibson Co-Director
Light Bearers
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  • Eugene Visser

    Ty, can I join your world? Don’t say yes just yet – I am a part of the problem too…

  • And in this world we share everything we are and have with God and one another as if there were no secrets in the Light and all things belong to our God and He has shared them all with us, His beloved children.

  • Bob Hunsaket

    “in God’s world” it is and will be true

  • greg bartlett

    Love it Ty , it will be one day in the twinkle of a eye , heaven. I just saw a 3 part tv series hookers for jesus . I was blesssed to see that as these women struggle to change there lifestyle and let Jesus in, there was a place of refuage in a church for them , no judgement , I think it was the first real love these women had ever seen .. Keep praying its coming.

  • Jenny Gruzensky

    This is excellent! Can’t wait till Jesus comes. One day, soon 😀

  • If we carry it in our hearts the kingdom manifests in all our interactions. That’s some good salty salt Ty!

  • In my world… The church would re-discover the message of Christ’s Righteousness… And more people would think like Ty, James, David and Blaine.

  • Kimberly

    Awesome article! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Gary Krause

    Thanks, Ty.

    In my world, the church wouldn’t exist as a club just to keep saints comfortable, coddled and entertained. Its focus, energies, time, and activities would be outside the doors of the church building—mingling with the community, showing sympathy, ministering to needs, winning confidence and leading people to Jesus.

  • excellent blog!

    this was pretty cool “In my world, the church’s magazines would have better graphic design.”

  • I feel like we are all part of this problem, and see all of these problems, but feel powerless to change. Actually some of these I could never put my finger on, but they are right-on. A lot of “hmm” and “ah-ha” going on as I read this. 🙂

  • Robert Erick

    Very good blog. Also, may we have an awareness of the approach of end time events, as seen in weather events, economic instability, and religious events.

    I hope we keep our ears to the ground and watch as the 2nd Coming rapidly approaches. This is recommended in Matthew 24:46 “Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.”

  • Karen Lewis

    Amen and amen… (love your comment about the carpeting 🙂

  • Reiner Kremer

    Thank you for sharing this vital awareness. May God bless you, yours and the ministry and my prayer is that we press together as a people under the banner of Christ our Righteousness….PTL!

  • In my world I would have nothing in me to judge others. I would have the patience and meekness in common with Jesus. In my world I would be the prism of God’s love. I would be as close to Jesus as He could possibly allow. In my world I would love everyone equally more than myself.

  • David Asscherick

    Great Ty! Some bold stuff in there!

  • Mike

    The church you described sounds like the church you and I joined in the early 80’s. I remember feeling like I was in Heaven. Then the honeymoon ended and reality surfaced. It didn’t take long before church felt like Hell. Most people, it seems, goes through this experience at church. It’s not unlike newlyweds. People who survive this love-hate cycle have learned the awesome art of seeing Jesus in everything. The church militant is a war zone. War is messy. It’s a battle and a march. Learn to see Jesus in everything. He is at the helm. He leaves nothing to fate. Embrace new members with open, loving arms, and the disappointing aspects of church loses its power to discourage. Thank you, Jesus.

  • jeremiahmccleobala

    it’s is the world i desired too but i may God help me and forgive me for I’am guilty

  • JJ Hamelin

    Ty, you’ve managed to express the majority of minorities sentiments. This is both bitter and sweet though. Bitter for two reasons. First because, those changes that are dreamed of by people being loyal to the advancement of the gospel find themselves with the stigma of “being a Rogue and out of line” (in my church anyway). Second, the fact that this is still, just a mere blog. Sweet, because those reasonable expectations are still being dreamed of, and that’s hopeful. Sweet, because if they’re still being dreamed of that mean’s that we haven’t all been overcome with the complacency of normality bias. And sweet, because there’s still the possibility of those sentiments leaping off the pages of a blog to the history of reality. My wife has always said, “be the changes you want to see” (for the better) and eventually they’ll become contagious…”in my church”.

  • Great thoughts. I don’t think any reasonable Adventist would disagree with them. I’m sure they will resonate with many people.

  • It’s coming, brother…… it’s coming….

  • Tag Garmon

    Hey Brother..I must admit my church in Asheville,N.C. ,”Foster S.D.A.”, is a lot like your ideal church! At least there are people there that exemplify most all of the expressions of love and fellowship you yearn for in your blog and would DITO Every line. While we grow together ,wheat and tares, there is a core group of true believers that have loved me and shown me the grace of God in the flesh.
    For years there has been a growing spirit of “freedom of expression” in art including music with most “periods” of style in song expressed in variety each week or the next. We are learning how to worship together… young and old…conservatives and liberals.
    Sabbath school class has grown into a place where new ideas and insights are given honest prayer and debate. The lesson quarterly is used as a spring board to dive into the Word with open hearts and minds.Jesus is lifted up as Lord over All…even law…”even of the Sabbath Day”! There is respect for tradition and an acknowledgment of it limitations.
    The church is know well in the Asheville City Counsel and among other churches in the city as a resource for feeding the hungry and homeless. The hundreds fed and clothed each month are a testimony to the community at large. Our campus is used as a community gathering place for a multitude of 12 step programs and non profits each week. Its pretty amazing.
    Dont get me wrong…We Are all Sinners…that find strength to believe Gods promises together and press on in shared faith. Sometimes our earnest pastor gets frustrated with us because such diversity of personalities as we attract can be a challenge to lead! His is no easy task!
    We have survived serious challenges, dramatic crisis and disappointments in leadership several times in the past fifteen years.
    We fail and make errors in judgement. We still hurt one another and stumble into both left and right ditches. We struggle at times to define our identity as an organization primarily because for many of us our identity in Christ supersedes all other associations. Still we promote and participate in developing relationships within our fellowship that include intimate friendships based in acceptance, forgiveness and accountability.
    We don’t have orange carpet and “pot luck” is usually Really Good!
    What many of us long for and pray for and believe is most needed to lift us in power and influence is an out-pouring of Gods Spirit. We long to be ready to receive with “new ” wine skins. This we seek. This we expect is soon to come.
    So..Please>>>Come and join us! A bunch of us want to keep growing into just what you are looking for!