July 9-11, 2020

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Chaos is everywhere

You look at your phone and your stomach tightens involuntarily as you scan the Facebook notifications. Everyone is yelling at everyone else. You try not to think about it while you work from home. But…


You can’t ignore it

Killer bees. Global disease. Murder. Fires. Racism. Riots. Protests. Masks. Signs. Memes. Your family members aren’t speaking to each other. Corrupt government. Violence. Blame. Hatred. You’re not a conspiracy theorist, but…

The world has gone crazy on a whole new level, you think as you put on your mask to head to the grocery store. You can’t help but wonder…


Is this the end?

You know it wasn’t always like this. In the beginning, life was different. God made a world defined by joy, love, peace, and beauty. But every story has a conflict…


And the story of our world is no exception

Everyone can see something is wrong. Every story also has resolution, or an ending. What will the ending look like for us? Has humanity painted itself into a corner with no way out? Will there be poetic justice? Will you have resolution?

The End.

Ty Gibson will explore what the end of our world will look like July 9-11. Through this four-part series, you will discover how Jesus calls you to prepare for and live through The End.

Religion at the End
July 9, 6pm
Politics at the End
July 10, 6pm
Economics at the End
July 11, 11am
Preparing for the End
July 11, 6pm

All programing schedules are in Pacific Daylight Time


Ty Gibson

Speaker & Author

Ty is the director of Light Bearers and pastor of Storyline Adventist Church. He has authored numerous books including A God Named Desire and The Sonship of Christ. A passionate communicator with a message that opens minds and moves hearts, Ty emphasizes God’s unfailing love as the central theme of the Bible.

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2020 is different. So is Convocation.

Due to state and local restrictions on gatherings, we're taking convocation online! So what does that mean?

No lodging or camping

There is no tent/RV camping or lodging of any kind available on the Laurelwood campus.

Everything will be online

Each session will be broadcast online in its entirety—you don't have to miss a single thing.

No foodservice

There will be no food vendors available on the Laurelwood campus for Convocation this year.

Online offering

Each session will include a ministry report and an opportunity to partner with us in the work of Light Bearers.

No tours or resource center

Our offices are closed to the public, so there will be no publishing house tours or resource center sales.

Children's Programming

What?! It's true, there will be no children's program this year.