Just Like The Cross by David Asscherick

Just Like the Cross

by David Asscherick  |  May 3, 2013

I get admittedly nervous when I hear these words: “Pastor Asscherick, you changed my life.” You see, I’m not in the life-changing business; I’m just a messenger, a mail carrier. The biblical term is evangelist, one who carries a message.

That’s me.

My response has, over the years, become reflexive: “Well, thank you, but I’m sure it was Jesus Christ who changed your life, not me.”

“Yes, yes, of course,” is usually the reply. Or something like it. The point is taken, on both sides. I appreciate the affirmation, yes, but I appreciate the accuracy even more.

Jesus Christ is in the life-changing business, and He is awesome at it. For my part, I find it easy to “sell” and “tell” such a successful and consistent “product.” They say that Porsche salesmen do little more than hand out keys, because the cars sell themselves. I like that. That’s what we evangelists do: hand out keys, “the keys of the kingdom” (Matthew 16:19), no less! What we’re offering is better than any Porsche, however.

On my most recent trip to New Zealand, admittedly my favorite country on earth, I heard those words again: “Pastor Asscherick, you changed my life.” The man was dark-skinned, round-faced and smiled a smile that was as much eyes as mouth. His whole face radiated a joy that was as pure and beaming as I’ve seen. I liked him already. He introduced himself as Demcy, then told me a story that warmed my heart deeply.

Demcy had been living with his wife, Thrace, and three children, all boys, in Christchurch. He and Thrace had moved from Sri Lanka many years before. Raised a Roman Catholic, Demcy had a genuine, though not always enthusiastic, interest in spiritual things. He believed, sure, but not particularly deep. This, though, was about to change.


After seeing flyers and billboards around town advertising a meeting, What Does the Future Hold?, Demcy finally, on February 21, showed up. His heart thrilled with the truth he was hearing! This was the God of love and freedom He’d been looking for, and that he’d always believed was there, somewhere!

He left committed not to miss another meeting, but, alas, an unforeseeable disaster intervened.

At 12:50 in the afternoon on February 22nd, beautiful, serene, and quaint Christchurch was racked by a powerful earthquake that killed hundreds, and shattered the lives, businesses, and confidence of thousands. It all happened in about 20 seconds.

The city, more than two years later, is still picking up the pieces and will be for another decade at least. This was the second such earthquake in less than six months, and though this one was weaker on the Richter scale than its predecessor, its shallowness, speed, and location made it far worse and many times more deadly.

God’s ripple effects are greater than any earthquake.

Demcy, like many others, loaded his family in the car that very day and drove away from their beloved city. In Demcy’s case, they drove all the way north to Auckland. He spent the next two months looking for a new job and returning to Christchurch to transport his remaining things to Auckland. His whole life was in a great upheaval; he longed for solidity, hope, and deeper meaning.

He remembered that single meeting he’d attended and googled the presenter, “David Asscherick.” To his happy surprise, he found a set of similar prophecy lectures that I’d delivered before. He watched them day and night. He was surprised to learn, toward the end of the lecture series, that I was a Seventh-day Adventist. Nevertheless, he was persuaded that what he’d found was the truth. The next Sabbath he attended a local Seventh-day Adventist church.

The local pastor faithfully mentored, encouraged, and discipled Demcy and his wife, and soon they were baptized. A family torn from their home city by an earth-shaking quake, were now united in Jesus Christ by His life-changing truth. Demcy is now a deacon in his local church, and his mother, who still lives in Sri Lanka, is studying for baptism! She has even made her business, a hotel, available for Sabbath meetings in her town, which the local Seventh-day Adventists have been thrilled to put to use already.

God’s ripple effects are greater than any earthquake.

That meeting, from my perspective, sure looked like a grand failure after it’d been abruptly stopped halfway through and resumed rather weakly nearly a month later.

But sometimes what looks like failure is really a great success!

Just like the Cross!

Just ask Demcy! 

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  • Awesome! I love that story! God always brings us out of the valley to great mountains! I too am experiencing a little valley being new to the SDA. My immediate family is in uproar!!! They think I have fallen off the deep end, joined some kind of cult that is legalistic and stiff in their praise and worship. They are all pentecostal. I’m on a search to bring truth to the worship style we should be practicing in our church service today. How did Jesus praise and worship in the temple?

  • Great story David. Seeing that you’re out preaching the gospel makes me willing to forgive you for utterly ignoring me for months, even years, at a time.

  • Wow, AMEN!!!! Powerful testimony!!! Beautifully written!!! Moved to tears of joy with that last part: “God’s ripple effects are greater than any earthquake……But sometimes what looks like failure is really a great success! Just like the Cross!” Praise the LORD!!!!! 😀

  • patty

    Yes, is our Jesus that changes lives, He did the same to me, through you. You surely are one of His best mouthpieces. God blessed you dear.

  • Amen! What an encouraging story! God’s plan often takes roads less traveled. We often don’t see the victory until He gives us glimpses of His perfect perspective. Even in the coverings of failure, victory lies beneath the shroud. Our praise is sweetest to God’s ears when it seems we have lost everything. God turns all things for the good of those who love Him – in the end. (Romans 8:28).

  • Christ is the one who changes lives, and we are blessed that so many like you have answered His call and sacrificed much to share the opportunity He offers us. Thank you for sharing His blessings on you with us. : )

  • Dana Aufai

    What a powerful story..totally encouraged..thank you Pastor Asherick.

  • Praise God for His message and His Spirit to drive it home.

  • Rey Forde

    Thanks so much for sharing, Pastor! I share your point. God is the One in the Soul-winner! He’s simply called us to sow Seed! This is a powerful testimony. And, day by day, God is duplicating similar experiences in lives all around the world. He brings good even in the most difficult trials of life. I pray for my siblings daily to come into the whole truth as it is in Jesus! Pls pray for them also!

  • Stephanie

    AMEN. what a powerful message. Jesus changes lives.

  • Kevin

    Excellent message David. God has truly blessed you on delivering the message to people and I keep you in my prayers always. ginalapan I am in a similar situation. My family also thinks I have gone off the deep end and I’m getting “too into these things” although they also are Christians and brought me up in the Methodist church. I have gotten discouraged a few times but every time I hear the truth of the SDA message I am revived and I know it is the truth. Keep praying for your family and ask for opportunities to present what you have found. We must keep the faith and try and share it with our families and others (hopefully I can muster up the strength to evangelise to others in a world that scoffs more and more at Christ). God Bless you everyone and keep praying.

  • Praise God. Almost the same as my story. I was a Roman Catholic before and after the typhoon, Sendong, hit Iligan City, Philippines, I never went to Sunday church anymore, but instead, I was reading my Bible and next two months then, I attended revelation seminar. I was so blessed by God with such humble evangelists that lead souls to Christ.

    So blessed with your videos Pastor David. One sermon that I could relate to this post is “Because of Those Who Sat.” 🙂
    Jesus must only be our audience, “God-ience” as you’ve mentioned on in that video.

    “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” -John 12:32 KJV

  • Powerful!