Leaving the Best Behind

Leaving the Best Behind

by David Asscherick  |  July 30, 2014

Recently we had our car broken into. Between the damage to the car and the stolen goods, it set us back several thousand dollars. Not the nicest “Welcome to Australia” moment one could imagine. I can still recall the almost nauseating feeling in my gut when I walked out that morning to get in the car and saw the smashed window. I instantly and instinctively felt a little afraid and glanced furtively around me, half expecting to see the perpetrator(s) right near me. I felt violated and unsafe; and it had all happened in a flash.

Apart from the smashed window and disheveled car, the scene was perfectly idyllic. The sky was blue, the waves were lapping, and the beach was beautiful and beckoning. I even remember the birds (Magpies, to be precise) calling and singing. It was paradise! And yet, right here in the middle of my own personal paradise was this incongruous and violating scene before me. It was strangely unsettling. The world at that moment seemed so perfect, peaceful, and serene, and yet here was unavoidable evidence, right before my eyes, to the contrary.

I opened the door and glass pieces fell to the road. The inside of the car was a wreck. Stuff was strewn everywhere, the glove compartment was ripped off and barely hanging by the hinges. And there, in the midst of the chaos, covered in shards of glass, was my personal leather-bound copy of Ellen White’s Steps to Christ.

It is my most favorite book of hers.

The thief had left the most valuable thing in the car! He’d left the best behind.

I’ve too-often grabbed the goods of life and left Jesus just sitting there.

Oh, how I wish in his rush he would’ve grabbed it unintentionally. Maybe he would’ve thrown it into a bag with our binoculars and speakers. He would’ve gotten home to inspect his newly-acquired wares, and seen those words: Steps to Christ. He would’ve had a choice to make.

Who knows? Perhaps he saw it there the night before, while smashing and grabbing, and made his choice already. It was certainly sitting out in full view. It would’ve been tough to miss.

And Jesus is like that: tough to miss. There He sits, in the middle of our messy, broken, and violated lives, just waiting to be noticed. Just waiting to receive our attention.

I’m not a thief, and likely you aren’t either, but I’ve made the thief’s mistake: I’ve too-often grabbed the goods of life and left Jesus just sitting there. I’ve chosen the passing and ignored the permanent; I’ve grabbed the temporal and neglected the eternal.

I closed the door, and went for a walk on the beach. I needed to speak to my Father about the condition of my own heart, before I spoke to the police about the condition of my car.

It was a great and beautiful day, and I went on my way rejoicing (1Thessalonians 5:16).

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  • claudinec

    Sorry to hear this, yes he left the best Steps to Christ. Praying for you guys. God bless

  • lboutros7777

    Not, a nice welcome to Australia at all. So sorry this happened to you guys. I like the way you handle it Pastor David going for a walk along the beach, and talking to God. The only true God who can bring us peace of mind in any situation.

  • Maryann Lee

    Great article! Powerful message. Blessings and safety and peace to you all.

  • Oh the Grace of God was surely working in your life. An old sage told me a long time ago after I questioned why he did not lock his vehicle; why bother, if they take it they probably needed it more than I. Not a consolation but puts things in prospective, just as you did when you stopped and talked with God first before handling the issue. God bless you as you continue to do the Lord’s work. You are in my prayers David Asserick. God is good!

  • Roxie Medlock

    We live in a sad world. If we dwell on the condition of the world with all its woes, we can easily become depressed. Keeping our eyes on Jesus Christ is the only way we can get through it maintaining love in our hearts, hope, joy, peace and happiness. Blessing to you and family; your ministry has been a great blessing to me.

  • Lynn Carpenter

    I know the feeling! Except my thief took my precious well marked Bible! So I pray to meet him in heaven.

  • AG

    I had this happen before they got my laptop and a few other odds and ends but they also took 10 Steps to Christ books. I hope they read them and came to Christ as it worth every cent to see them in heaven because of that.
    Maybe that was a hint I should have handed them out…

  • Charlotte Huenergardt

    I am so sorry for your loss David, not a nice welcome to Australia for sure. But I loved your message, very thought provoking!

  • Laurice

    So sad to hear about your misfortune. However you have used your experience to draw so close to god in your walk. That is truly inspiring. By the way I never tire from listening to your presentation about GOD on the Hope channel. Truly God has given you a magnificent mind that you are using to glorify His name. May He continue to bless your efforts in His service.

  • Harold Burden

    Now that is a story worth reliving, but not repeating! Interesting and personal since I’m on my 3rd well marked, leather-bound SC myself, the first two inadvertently left in an airline seat pocket on different flights years ago. Such a precious volume, recall reading it for the first time at age 12 and revisited and reread many times since then. Thank you for your ministry at Jasper and Gladstone. My prayers are with you and yours — enjoy my son’s CD too! —

  • Jill Harwood

    Dear David, Thank you so much for the meetings at Or. Cm. Hope to.see you soon. I have been thinking about your last name and wanted to ask you a question about it. From your sister in Messiah. Bubbiejill@gmail.com

  • Its the end times. Love your end-note, though. Very thoughtful.

  • Everton

    Sobering. It just hits home gently and yet deep. I responded with a tear and lots of quietness. I think i need to talk to my father about the condition of my heart too and will do so now.

  • Rebecca Millican

    I will trade places–a broken window for a truly broken heart. I am facing open heart surgery and know the Lord’s blessings midst the storm of brokenness. Thanks for your wonderful ministry to us all!!

  • Jeanne Hart

    I too need to spend more time with God and His son Jesus. I will pray for you and family. Love your ministry. God bless

  • Precelinda T. Inga

    My first thought was welcome to earth David, If there is any consolation We are preparing for a place for you and family, if ever come by the peruvian way to the south? we surely would like to have you.. Keep in touch

  • I needed to speak to my Father about the condition of my heart…..it broke my heart…I went ahead and sat and spoke to my Father about the condition of my heart…

    Be Blessed!!!

  • Richard Potter

    You know the story, Dave. It’s not about the things cankered and rusted on earth, but gold tried in the fire- that no man can steal ! I went from almost a million in equity and business to nought and I know the Lord did this to get my attention. Almost 6 yrs later and still in the Word hours a day – and never been happier. You were one of the first Adventist preachers I ever watched about a year after being led in prophecy and when Adventism aligned with what God was showing me, I was sold. Never looked back. It’s just stuff. As aggravating as it seems, it’s just stuff. God bless