Light Bearers Convocation - Messiah

Can one promise really change everything?

June 27 - July 1   |   Collegedale, TN
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That was then

He is the Second Adam, Son of Abraham, Bread from Heaven, Prince of the Covenant. These 2000-year-old depictions of Jesus can feel disconnected and impersonal. How can you connect with Jesus today? Can the promised Messiah really change your life?

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This is now

Every prophecy, poem, metaphor, and story in Scripture tells us about the big promise God made—the Messiah—and how Jesus is its fulfillment. And that one promise changes everything, even you.

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A life-changing experience

Over the course of this five-day Bible study experience, you’ll dive deep into the Messianic prophecies and imagery of Scripture and discover how Jesus relates to your brokenness and offers healing and restoration.

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Don't take our word for it

For more than 30 years, lives around the world have been transformed by Light Bearers Bible study events. Here's what they say:

  • “I am so grateful for all of the effort put into this convocation to reveal God’s winsome character. Every presentation enables me to love Him more.”
  • “This event was absolutely heart-transformational!”
  • “Things I've always believed are being confirmed by new and freeing things I learn from Light Bearers, and they leave me overwhelmed and amazed.”
  • “For me, convocation was chain-breaking.”
  • “I have a renewed understanding of God’s character which has led me closer to Him than ever before!”
  • “I have had some very hard times, but through the power of Christ I've discovered through Light Bearers, I am no longer a slave.”

This is personal

You won’t hear mere philosophy or fanciful theories at this event. Ty, David, Jeffrey, and Silvia preach because they’ve each had a personal encounter with Jesus that changed their lives. They’re ready to help you have the same experience.

Ty Gibson
David Asscherick
Jeffrey Rosario
Silvia Bacchiocchi

A free community event

June 27-July 1, 2023   (Daily schedule)

Collegedale Church
4829 College Drive East
Collegedale, TN 37363

Got more questions? We've got answers.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is lodging provided?

    We do not provide lodging. However, you can find a list of local hotels here. If you bring your RV, you can find local campsites here.

  • Will there be anything for kids?

    Your children are welcome, but there will be no children's programming.

  • Will meals be provided?

    There will be light snacks and refreshments available prior to the first session each evening, but no meals. Please plan ahead accordingly.

  • Can I watch sessions I missed?

    Yes! All sessions are streamed online, so if you can't be here in-person, you can watch from wherever you are. The recordings are also saved online and can be watched at any time right here.